Tandem Skydive in Playa del Carmen

  • 20 minute scenic flight to altitude right above Playa del Carmen.

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Cozumel, QRoo, Mexico

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Duration: 20 Min

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Come Fly With Us!

Experience the thrill of free-falling above the Caribbean. Whether it's your first time (or third) tandem skydiving is a must-do. No experience needed as our world-class instructors will guide you through the experience.



The easiest and safest way to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! After a 20 minute scenic flight to altitude right above Playa del Carmen, you will then be ready to experience the adrenaline of free-fall from 11,000 feet for approximately 40 seconds, while securely attached to one of our world class instructors.


SkydiveMex is growing more and more each year that goes by and we are currently skydiving in Playa del Carmen, right where the Caribbean ocean meets the whitest sands of the Riviera Maya.


Today, SkydiveMex is an iconic dropzone, thanks to some of the most experienced instructors in the world who we daily and proudly work with, thanks to their friendliness and devoted passion for the sport. Also, and undoubtedly, thanks to the epic skydiving events we organize for experienced jumpers, known as the “Pachanga” and the ”Pachangon”.



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