Dolphin Interactive Program Cozumel


  • Orientation session.
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology.
  • Personal interaction with our friendly dolphins.
  • Dolphin kiss.
  • Greet & wave.


  • Towels and swimsuit.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Water shoes for any aquatic activity.
  • Sunblock (preferably biodegradable).
  • Sunglasses and / or hat.
  • Cash (memories, tips).


  • Three-year and older visitors with a minimum height of 1.22 m / 4 ft, are welcomed, children below 1.22 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • For your own safety, during your experience it’s important to leave out of the lagoon areas your personal belongings such as your camera, video and jewelry.
  • This experience is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are, you’ll be able to cheer up from the observation area, as well as the rest of the companions.
  • Our dolphins are extremely delicate animals, therefore we kindly ask you to do not use any kind of sun protection or skin products.

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Cozumel, QRoo, Mexico

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Duration: 1 Hrs

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$99.00 USD
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Tour Description

A friendly experience for the whole family!


Interact with dolphins in a program designed for everybody, ideal for families and children. This hands-on program, is carried out in the SAFE, SHALLOW WATERS, of a quaint natural cove, which offers you a fantastic opportunity to interact with the dolphin, standing on a submerged platform in approx. 3-ft.-deep water, sharing a “fin to hand shake”, an affectionate kiss to seal a lasting emotional connection, and observe some of the dolphins most distinctive natural behaviors, including spectacular jumps and the unique whistling and clicking sounds they use to communicate with each other.


Dolphin Interactive Program is a friendly experience for the whole family. Book your experience and surprise yourself with the magic of swimming with dolphins.

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