Dolphin Trainer For a Day At Riviera Maya


  • Orientation session.
  • Backstage tour.
  • Introduction to dolphin behavior and physiology.
  • Training behaviors.
  • Three activities with dolphins.
  • Behavior training session.
  • Dolphin swim program.
  • Personal interaction with a dolphin.
  • T- shirt with the Dolphin Paint Activity.
  • Trainer-for-a-Day Certificate.
  • Two pre selected printed photographs.



  • Transportation to Dolphinaris Riviera Maya.
  • Professional photo shoot.
  • Snacks.



  • Children 12 and up with a minimum height of 1.22 m / 4 ft, are welcomed.
  • For your own safety, during your experience it’s important to leave out of the lagoon areas your personal belongings such as your camera, video and jewelry.
  • This experience is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are, you’ll be able to cheer up from the observation area, as well as the rest of the companions.
  • Our dolphins are extremely delicate animals, therefore we kindly ask you to do not use any kind of sun protection or skin products.

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  • For security, if your flight is the next day you can not perform the diving activity.
  • At the Dolphinaris Riviera Maya Park, our biggest and most modern location, you will get the best experience in the Trainer for a Day Program and receive the most time and activities for this program: 180 minutes in the water, program length: 7 hours. Transportation included.

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Riviera Maya, QRoo, Mexico

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Duration: 07:00 Hrs

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$199.00 USD
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Tour Description



Become one of our dolphin trainers for a day! Get a behind-the-scenes tour and learn all the basics of dolphin training how we feed the animals with the healthiest food, in keeping with their natural dietary habits and best of all!! Swim and dive with the dolphins! Pet, hug and kiss them, shake their fin and do the famous “Foot-push” or “Dorsal-Ride” interactive behavior where the dolphin proper you across the habitat! The exclusive “Dolphin Dive Experience” especially designed for first-time divers (no previous experience is required), allows you to admire underwater the dolphins’ incredible agility, in their own element.


With the Trainer for a Day program, you will create a bond that only trainers can.


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